Journalism Portfolio

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Jill Elaine Hughes is a multifaceted general affairs reporter, marketing copywriter, and creative writer. As a journalist, Ms. Hughes has specialized reporting expertise in health care (especially nursing- and pharmaceutical-related content, technology, business, personal finance, education, and general interest topics. Below you’ll find links to a few of Ms. Hughes’ recent features and special-interest reporting pieces online. I’ll send links to additional work on request.  For copies of print/archived clips (dating back to 1996) or a list of client references, email Jill at
Recent Clips:
When candy was dandy (Chicago Tribune) healthcare blog (many articles): Writer of healthcare/lifestyle articles for major content-marketing portal serving the independent insurance industry. Sole contributor to the Health channel, a subset of the brand, which is currently supported by a national TV ad campaign. Contributed a variety of articles around health and wellness decisionmaking as part of a campaign to backfill a new content-marketing site (now complete).

Without a Trace: How Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance Mirrors Flight 370 (Chicago Tribune)

Apartment communities band together to support Japan relief efforts (Washington Post READY TO RENT section) – Part One, Part Two, Part Three (available on request; file to large to upload)

Archive Clips (More than 4 years old):
Caress of Steel (Chicago Reader)
Mythical Motherland (Chicago Reader)
She’s So Unusual (Chicago Reader)
Additional clips available on request.

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