Month: April 2017

Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia… (Inconceivable!)

Our current president is waving his dick around in the direction of North Korea. Instead of de-escalating Kim Jong Un (even China says to do that), he’s doing the exact opposite. This is not smart, for several reasons. A summary:
1) Invade NK, then we have nuclear war with NKorea.

2) Invading NK means that we have also declared war on China. (China wants a divided Korean peninsula mostly to keep US troops off its own border. It does not want Korea/SE Asia destabilized.)

3) If we declare war on China, we will lose. It will be bad. In sooooo many ways. (China has more people in its army than we have in our entire country, for example.) Plus they’d call in all U.S. Treasury debt and instantly bankrupt our country and render our currency worthless. They have nukes. Did I mention they have nukes? Oh, and they also have nukes. And the Chinese aren’t worried about losing a war—-they have enough surplus population to keep fighting us for 1000 years. (Did I mention they have nukes?)

4) China has nukes. (I cannot stress this enough).

5) If we destabilize Asia, then Putin invades US via Alaska while we’re busy getting nuked. Putin wants entire world destabilized. (He also has nukes).

6). China has nukes. They can and will use them if we destabilize Korean peninsula. (We need to keep remembering that. I am repeating myself with good reason).

7) Can you say mandatory draft of every U.S. man, woman, and child between ages of 15-60? I can. (Soviets did that in WWII. So did Nazi Germany, towards the end).

8) China has nukes. (Again)

9) Never start a land war in Asia.

10) This is not a dick-measuring contest.