“I’m Bernie Sanders, and I Approved This Message.”

Most people wear conservative tailored suits, designer jackets, and expensive watches to a presidential inauguration. Or at the very least, they comb their hair and don’t show up in clothes that they probably slept in. But Bernie Sanders does. At least, he does when it’s Donald Trump’s inauguration. Because sometimes, the best way to send a message about how you feel about someone is by how you dress around them.

Kick some ass, Bernie. You’re MY president. Not the forced-on-us-by-nepotism candidate who somehow managed to lose to Bozo the Clown. Not Bozo the Clown. Not yet another lobbyist. You. You and your frugal, practical Vermont parka and your rumpled suit from JCPenney, and your moral authority, and your lack of beholden status to any national political party. You, who don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of you, because you only care about doing the right thing. And showing up in a dirty green parka covered in salt sludge was definitely the right way to go today.

You, dude. You.

I swear, the guy only owns one suit. And he’s probably had the same pair of shoes since 1978. He just keeps having the soles replaced. (I know several politicians who need their souls replaced, but not Bernie. He’s got souls — -and soles — -to spare).

Bernie Sanders is probably the last purely decent human being to serve in politics for at least 100 years. I’m reading OUR REVOLUTION right now (fourth book of his I’ve read) and I liked seeing how he had photos of his campaign staff meetings at his very ordinary-looking house in Vermont, and they served potluck. He did reuse some sections in there from his past books (the parts about his childhood and early political career), but most of it is new. I love how he is an independent and therefore a capable dealmaker who doesn’t “owe” anyone in either party anything. Unfortunately, that’s why the DNC wouldn’t let him win the nomination even though he was clearly the stronger and more popular candidate.

This should have been Bernie’s inauguration. He had the votes and the people behind him, but corrupt party politics and nepotism stole it from him. But Bernie’s greatest role may be in leading the opposition to Trump. And today, he had the decency to show up to Trump’s inauguration despite the gross indecency he was shown by the DNC. He could have been a total a**hole about that, but he wasn’t. He took the high road for the sake of the country. Not many politicians do that. (Just the great ones.)

CNN put the closeup camera on Bernie for quite a while as he shuffled his grumpy way into the stands at today’s inauguration. You could almost hear Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett saying, “Well, we really f*cked this one up, didn’t we? We could have given the old guy in the parka some more airtime last summer instead of pumping Trump up for sleaze-factor ratings and passing the debate questions over to Hillary ahead of time on the sly. Oh well.”

Have faith, America. Bernie’s time will come. And probably sooner than you think.



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