Find Me on Medium, Facebook Is Dead

I deleted my Facebook account today. That platform is officially The New Myspace. (In other words, dying a slow-yet-rapidly-accelerating death). Fake news and toxic 2016 election bubbles killed it.

Meanwhile, I’m radically restructuring my social media strategy. I’ll mostly be posting on Medium and Twitter from now on. This blog will not be updated very often (not that it is now!). I’ll periodically port my Medium posts over here manually, but if you want to know what’s really going on with me, again, visit me on Medium or Twitter. (And even those places will not give my die-hard Facebook followers the daily dose of ME that they’d grown accustomed to over the past seven years or so.)

I think social media is dying across the board. We can thank President-Elect (barf!) Trump for that, as his ginormous, orange, wart-encrusted ego and erratic behavior are only magnified on Twitter, which is horrifying on its surface—-and yet, forces all of us to see just how destructive social media is to individual participants, and corrosive to society as a whole. 2016 will go down as the year where we realized that we are not 124-character tweets or the sum of our biased Facebook feeds. We are not binary machines who simply do as Big Brother commands. No, we are human beings— deep, complex, flawed organic lifeforms who are trying to survive (albeit not very well) on a dying planet.

I want to spend less time on social media and more time thinking about complex problems. When I want to write about how to solve these complex problems (or even just identifying exactly what these problems are) I want to do it on a platform that allows for actual thinking. Facebook doesn’t lend itself well to that — -especially these days, when you have thousands of navel-gazing, embittered adolescents who are still unable to process 2016 election shock and grief and the reasons the whole disaster occurred like rational adults following you on your Facebook feed. Indeed, it is for that reason that so many bubble-dwelling liberals never even saw 2016’s election outcome coming in the first place. (Hint: I did. I predicted that this shit would go down almost a year ago, but got laughed at and/or insulted for saying so.)

Twitter isn’t much better than Facebook (just look at Trump’s Twitter feed if you need convincing), but it at least limits your use of characters to a level so low it’s hard to do or say something too society-destroying. (Unless you’re Trump, of course.). Plus, it’s a lot harder for users to harass or stalk other users on Twitter than it is on Facebook. I switched over to it a while ago and find it less stressful than Facebook got towards the end.

I’m moving over to Slow Thinking and Slow Writing from now on. I plan to become Less Accessible, and More Mysterious. I plan to spend more time on things that are actually productive, both for myself/my family, and society as a whole. You may call me a Luddite, but I’m going all 1925 on you, complete with pen and paper and shortwave radio. (Or at the very least, I’ll go all 1999 on you. I’ll keep the computer and Internet, and just lose the social media part.) I did more writing and thinking back in 1999. Life was slower, and simpler, and less stressful, and I made more pretty, shiny, creative things. I want to do that again, only twenty-first-century style.

In short, I want to be a maker. Of words, and thoughts, and evidence, all carefully crafted and sifted through. You can’t do that on a Facebook thread or a disappearing Snapchat. But you can do it in a notebook, or a publishing platform that mimics a book, complete with an editorial veil that’s a lot harder to pierce through with nastiness and superficiality.

Hence, Medium. That’s all for here and now. See you on the flip side.



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