Why I Voted for Jill Stein

I voted for Jill Stein. I voted for her because she basically took over Bernie’s platform and even added a few more liberal/progressive planks to it that I loved. I live in a deep-blue state (IL) that Hillary carried easily, so my vote did not act as a “spoiler” in the election. I knew way back in June when the DNC pushed Bernie out that the Dems were going to lose this election (and this was even before the all the Wikileaks/DNC leaks and FBI crap came out), so I was free to vote my conscience.  I’ve had six months to process my grief at what I knew would be an inevitable Dem loss without Bernie on the ticket, so unlike most of the rest of the country that is still in shock and denial, I could think rationally.

I’m a lifelong progressive Democrat and found the Clintonites’ method of campaigning — -which included threats, profanity, and blackmail against anyone who dared question them in any way (see “Hillbots”) — -to be one of the contributing factors to HRC’s loss. You don’t get people to vote for you by having your supporters threaten anyone who dares question your policies or character with harm or hurl profane epithets at them. That’s the worst possible way to garner support, and that kind of negativity just made HRC’s likability problem even worse.

HRC did not lose this election because of third-party votes. Her margin of electoral loss was enormous. She lost because she was a bad candidate, bar none. The people who voted for Trump were never going to vote for her to begin with, and she lost a lot of Obama-supporting independents to Trump for reasons ranging from NAFTA to economics to bullying. And the DNC’s corrupt behavior during the nominating process turned off the liberal base and led many of them to just stay home.

The reactions of Clintonites screaming, yelling, crying, or blaming third-party voters or FBI director James Comey for Hillary Clinton’s loss instead of the candidate herself is puerile, juvenile, and disappointing. The more of this tantrum-throwing goes on, the worse the problem will become, and less time will be spent actually fixing the overall problem that directly led to this disaster — — DNC corruption, pay-to-play politics, biased media, and the marginalization of the progressive left by the Clintonites despite our broad support with the electorate. We have an opportunity to rebuild things from the ground up now, and that’s a net positive in this sea of destructive hubris and negativity.



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