Congrats, Dems. You blew it.

Presidential politics has always been about two things: 1) Likability; and 2) Economics. This year’s Dem ticket had neither. Hillary’s poor likability, dislike of retail politics, and frankly, arrogance doomed her nationally with independents and crossover Republicans (many of whom loved Bernie). Meanwhile, the DNC’s outright bullying of progressives and negative campaign tactics during the primary season and beyond depressed turnout even among her own base. The DNC’s bought-and-paid-for group of Clinton insiders misread the electorate and demonized the white working class as “Trumpsters” instead of realizing they could have won those same voters with Bernie Sanders.

The winning agenda this year was jobs, trade, and economic coalition-building, not 90s-style identity politics that pit various groups against one another. Bernie Sanders understood that his jobs/trade message showed how a gifted politician can link the interests of poor inner-city people of color with the working-class, conservative white people who have seen their jobs and livelihoods evaporate due to bad trade deals. It’s that kind of politics that wins national elections for the left, not bullying, intimidation, nepotism/cronyism, and arrogance.

There was always going to be a revolution in 2016, but the Dems threw away their near-certain opportunity to own it from the left for the next 30 years by hitching their wagon to the corrupt, scandal-ridden, center-right Clinton machine that the Rust Belt and millennials both despise. It’s not 1992 anymore, folks. Let’s get the Clinton machine out of Democratic politics forever, and build a real progressive majority. Obama understood how to do it, so did JFK, and so did FDR. People need jobs above all, and the candidate who has a coherent jobs/trade message is always who wins the presidency. Hillary didn’t have that.  “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Source: Congrats, Dems. You blew it.


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