Dreaming of Bernie Sanders

I’m reblogging this post from earlier in 2016, which has been one of my most popular posts. True story—-on the night before the story broke on Hillary Clinton/Weinergate re-opening of the FBI investigation into her emails, I had a vivid dream about Bernie Sanders. An indication of things to come, perhaps?

Jill Elaine Hughes

Stay The Hell Off Bernie Sanders' Lawn! | The Return of the Modern Philosopher

This is not your typical Bernie Sanders blog post. True, liberals like me have been dreaming of a presidential candidate like him—a straight-talking, honest, charismatic, and unapologetic leftist who draws crowds and enthusiasm from everyone, not just liberals—for decades. I have wanted someone like him since I was a twelve-year-old in the mid-80s who discovered that my values and ideals were a lot closer to Bob Dylan and the Beatles than Ronald Reagan and Alex P. Keaton.  But I’m not talking about that kind of dreaming.

I’m talking about literally, dreaming. Like what goes on at night, during REM sleep.

Bernie Sanders has invaded my nights.

This is significant for me because like most adults, I seldom remember my dreams. (Hell, I’ve got a full-time, executive-level comunications job and two small kids, so I’m lucky to even get a decent night’s sleep most nights.) But for the past several weeks…

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