A point to ponder

“When you learn about something, you form a notion about it. This is very natural. But if you’re then caught by that notion, you don’t let in new information or ideas to change that notion. You cannot progress on your spiritual path. So whatever you have learned, whatever you have heard, you should be careful not to consider it to be the absolute truth. You should be able to let it go in order to arrive at a higher truth. In science, if you discovered something and you believe it to be the ultimate truth, then you won’t search anymore, and you’re no longer a true scientist. The Middle Way is the way of nonduality. It transcends all pairs of opposites, [including right and left], being and nonbeing, birth and death, inside and outside, and object and subject.”—–Thich Nhat Hanh, from his book GOOD CITIZENS

My addition: It’s important never to take anything anyone says at face value. Evaluate and study carefully, and look at all the evidence. Make decisions based only on evidence, and be open to receiving new evidence, even if it does not support your current views or beliefs. Trust reality, and be open to it—-whatever reality is. Anything else is an illusion.



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