Month: January 2016

Stay The Hell Off Bernie Sanders’ Lawn!

My sentiments exactly.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Stay The Hell Off Bernie Sanders' Lawn! | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherBernie Sanders would very much like to be your next President, Modern Philosophers.

He would also appreciate it if you would stay the hell off his lawn!

Unlike another wild haired Presidential candidate, Sanders isn’t going to put up a wall around his front yard to keep you off the grass, nor is he going to threaten to have you deported should you step on his lawn.

He is, however, going to exercise his Constitutional right to Free Speech and yell at you.

Quite loudly and animatedly.

Because Bernie Sanders is an angry old man who doesn’t have time for people who don’t show respect for private property.  He has more important things to do.

You know, like running for President of the United States.

Speaking as someone who can get grumpy and knows a thing or two about raising his voice to make a point, I’m all for Sanders’…

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Happy 2016

House is a pit. Kids are running around like wild urchins. I have two sutured holes in my belly. The Prosecco I bought at Jewel is awful. The bands on Ryan Seacrest suck. But it’s all good. I’m having a great time. (Two glasses of bad Prosecco kind of make you not care).

Good job, married to decent guy, nice kids, money in the bank, lots of friends, and I’m reasonably healthy (will be more so after stitches heal). I’m better off than 98% of the world.

Happy New Year. Namaskar.

(BTW: Feel The Bern in 2016!)