Good Writers Cost Money

I keep seeing the same #personalfinance  site advertising for freelancers over and over again. They want people with lots of experience/expertise to write for them. I applied, found out they are not paying market rates, and walked away. I’m guessing they cannot find anyone qualified willing to write for those pathetic rates.

Long story short, don’t devalue yourself, folks. Quality doesn’t come for free. #writingadvice   #careertips  




  1. I wanted to pay for someone to write a new play at my local theater. Just wanted to get some background/how it works info from you based on something you wrote on the topic. I’ve just reached out to the theater company but also wanted to get some background. thanks

  2. Hi Howard, sorry, I’m just now receiving this. The amount you should pay depends on the size of the theater, the production budget, and whether the playwright retains copyright. Average commission for plays vary widely, anywhere from $1000 to $20000. Some top-level playwrights get more than that.

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