These Dreams. . .

The past several nights I’ve had far more vivid and unusual dreams than I normally do. I’m not sure why, but it may be because I’ve changed my diet a bit of late. (I’m trying to eat more “clean,” i.e., more fresh and organic food, and avoiding processed foods as much as possible.) I don’t take any medications and rarely drink alcohol, so you can’t chalk them up to that, either. But whatever the cause, they’ve been rather odd. I’m reminded of the old Heart song “These Dreams,” which had a wildly trippy video that ran in heavy rotation on MTV back in the 80s, which you can sample below:

But back to my own strange dreams. For example, earlier this week I dreamed that I ran a frozen bird-guano works in rural northern Wisconsin. I have absolutely no idea what the symbolism should be there. Does anyone even buy bird-guano anymore? I know it was sort of big in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a potential gunpowder ingredient, but there are better options available now. And besides, all the guano works from those eras were in the tropics, not the frozen North Woods.

Last night, I dreamed that I was living in an inner-city neighborhood and my neighbor’s kids kept getting their lunch money stolen. When I asked their mom why she didn’t do anything about it, she told me it was because she wasn’t allowed to. I intervened, got her kids’ money back, and then was escorted out of the neighborhood by the cops.  (I’m sure there’s all sorts of social-justice and race-relations allegories to be had there that are quite obvious, but what isn’t obvious is why I had the dream in the first place.)

Lastly, the other night I had a strange and rather vivid dream involving someone I know (or rather, USED to know) personally.
Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: A guy I used to know and was good friends with at one time, but acted like a big jerk online too many times and was therefore defriended, suddenly showed up in one of my dreams. (I haven’t seen, spoken to, or even thought about him in a couple of years now). The dude walked up to me, says, “Hey, I know I was a total asshole way back when, but it’s because I was an alcoholic. Making amends now.” Saw his face, detail of his clothes, sound of his voice, everything.

But that’s not all. He wore a wedding ring (odd, since the guy is an over-forty ladies’ man who was allergic to marriage and always had a reputation for dating multiple women, most of them half his age) and introduced me to a man I know my old friend was buddies with for many years. My old friend introduced said buddy as his—wait for it—-HUSBAND. (And this was a very macho guy who did not date guys, at least not to my knowledge).

The whole experience was weird, especially since I’m no longer in contact with the person I dreamed about, due to online harassment issues by him and a few of his very dysfunctional friends. I’d be curious to know if what I dreamed has any relevance in the real world—like perhaps symbolic of him becoming a better, nicer person in real life (or maybe even coming out of the closet). In either case I’d be happy for him, but the more likely explanation is my brain just concocted the dream and its vivid details at random.

What I don’t know is, why? Why all the strange, vivid dreams right in a row, with me remembering even the most minute details? I often can go for months without remembering my dreams, so it’s strange that I would have this many odd and memorable ones right in succession. Even stranger is the fact that when I was younger (in my teens and early twenties) I often dreamed about things that later happened exactly as I’d dreamed them. Maybe the psychic powers of my youth are coming back? Or maybe this is a sign of age-induced insanity? Who knows?
I’m just gonna blame all the kale and fresh strawberries I’ve been eating lately. That, and my running regimen. I think all the good food and exercise is just helping me sleep—and dream—better.

I always did like that Heart video. Especially the hair. Man, late-80s hair was awesome.


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