Month: May 2012

Love is. . .

Love is sacrifice. Love is sticking things out when times are tough. Love is caring more about the other person than you care about yourself. Love is patience. Love is always being there when you’re needed, no matter what. Love is setting priorities. Love is giving up frivolous things in favor of what’s really important. Love is doing things without being asked. Love is not having to explain yourself. Love is being ready when push comes to shove. Love is committment. Love is making sure things are better for the next generation. Love is creating the next generation.

Love is not shallow, superficial, or preoccupied with itself. Love is not spending more time with things than with people. Love does not judge. Love is not fickle or flaky. Love is not mean. Love is not violent. Love is not selfish. And love is not sex.

The world needs more love, and a lot less of the other stuff.